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zane_jo's Journal

Handcuffs & Rockey Road

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A Zane/Jo LJ Comm.

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Welcome To Handcuffs & Rocky Road, the first LJ community for the Eureka couple Zane Donovan and Jo Lupo. If you would like to know more about the couple, please see the history below.

Rules of the community:

- All entries must be Jo, Zane, Jo/Zane, Niall Matter, Erica Cerra, or Erica/Niall related.
- Please be courtious to all members, especially mods and the admin (me) .
- This is not a community for bashing anyone. Please refrain from bashing any actors or characters.
- Constructive critisism depends on the author/writer/creator. However, if you are reported ten times for harrasment, you will be removed from the member's list.

Couple History

Season 2:

Season two is the season where Zane first appears. He comes to Eureka in the episode "E=MC...?" . He is brought in by Allison after he is arrested for hacking into government funds in a city cyber cafe. He meets Jo when he is put in the cell at the Sheriff's office until he is deemed responsible enough to be let out on his own by Carter. Throughout the episode, Zane flirts with Jo, much to her aboration. However, it is quite noticable that, about half way through, she starts to like it. Throughout the rest of season 2, they take small steps in their relationship. The first date, first kiss, and, in true Zane/Jo fashion, first fight as a couple. By the end of the season, they have reached the 'can't take their hands off each other' phase of the relationship.

Season 3.0 and 3.5:

Things have clearly been going well for the two of them when season three starts up. Their relationship has become more serious, and they have reached a sort of 'honeymoon' phase by this time. They do argue quite a bit though, Jo taking offence to some of the things that Zane's scientific, logic-minded (and facepalm worthy) brain say, and Zane, becoming frustrated and tired by her. Zane has adjusted to life in Eureka, and with Jo. When Julia Golden switches bodies with Jo (to see what it was like to be,in her words 'beautiful', and to spend time with Fargo, whome Julia had a crush on), it's Zane who comes to Jo's rescue when no one else can. After asking a jailed Jo (as Julia) a series of questions that only the real Jo would know, Zane, along with Julia and Henry's help, manages to reverse the process before both Jo and Julia die.

While things are admittedly rocky between the two, they seem to hold steady, and become one of the more stronger couples in the town. When Zane is infected by a virus that is spread through organic computers (via a robotic version of Kim that was on a ship that landed in Eureka), Jo is devistated. While Zane is still in the medical bay, Jo visits him frequently. During one visit, she brings him his favorite foods from Vincent's cafe. Zane tells her, presumably for the first time, that he loves her, and she tells him she loves him too. By the end of the season (S3.5), it is clear that they are still in love and going strong.

Season 4.0 &4.5:

On Founder's Day, Zane proposes to Jo at the Sheriff's station, where they first met. Jo , in shock, freezes up, and Zane mistakes her pause for a no, and leaves the Sheriff's station, upset. Jo still has the ring , which, it is later found out, belonged to Zane's grandmother, with her. She is trying to reach Zane on his phone when she, Jack, Henry, Fargo, and Allison, are sent back to 1947. There, they figure out a way to go back to their own time, but accidentally take Dr. Grant, a scientist that was one of the first in Eureka, with them, causing a shift in the timeline. When they get back, some things are different. Fargo is the head of G.D., Henry is married to Grace (a new character) Allison is the head of the Medical Bay, Jack is still the sheriff, but Jo is the head of G.D. Security instead of his deputy. Also, in this timeline, Jo and Zane are not together. In fact, they hate each other. (Although it is revealed that Zane does have feelings for Jo).

Faced with this new timeline, Jo tries to let go of her relationship with Zane and move on, but she finds it to be difficult when she sees some of her Zane in the new timeline's Zane. When yet another G.D. mishap causes Jo, Henry, Fargo, and Allison to see the person/thing they cannot seem to let go of, or still haven't resolved their situation with, causes Jo to hallucinate her old Zane, she slips up. In her office, she talks to Zane, thinking it is the hallucination, about how she thinks she romanticized their relationship, and tosses the ring (which she had been keeping on a chain around her neck) at him. Much to her chagrin, it isn't the hallucination she is talking to, but the new timeline's Zane. Zane, after having been arrested for something he didn't do, thinks about her, the ring , and how oddly the others have been acting, and knows something is up. Jo tries to deny it, but Zane manages to slowly, but surely, figure things out. After Zane and Fargo are launched into space (accidentally), in a concept ship, Fargo, feeling Zane had the right to know, (especially after Zane admitted , indirectly, that he loved Jo), tells Zane about Jo and the other version of him, when they think they are about to die. Jo and Zane eventually start up an affair, which , Jo claims, is only 'to get it out of her system', but is obviously more. After going through yet another G.D. mishap, and saving the people of the town with Zoe (who has a crush on Zane, and dated him briefly), Jo goes to Zane and they have a talk about their relationship.